A Leading Look For El Clásico: The Captain's Polo

You already know that we are talking about the soccer game that has more than 500 million viewers worldwide, the rivalry between the most valuable sport teams, the Futbol Club Barcelona against Real Madrid Club de Futbol; yes, “El Clásico”, but…do you know why it is called like this? Here we share the story of this epic, iconic rivalry. 

The competitiveness of these two “clubs”, as they are called in Spanish, goes beyond soccer and started years, and years ago, along with the history of Spain. One from Madrid, the Capital of Spain, and the other one from Catalunya, had represented opposite political ideologies, since before Spain’s Civil War.

During the 20th Century, the city of Madrid was full of power, since it was home of the royal family and the dictator General Franco; while Catalunya fought for its independence and against the dictatorship; Real Madrid represented the monarchy, and Futbol Club Barcelona, whose motto is ‘Mes Que Un Club’ (more than a club), were the opposition, a symbol of union, autonomy and the Catalan pride.

These two teams have played since 1902, and the fierce rivalry started in 1928-1929, when La Liga started; but the game was called “El Clásico” for the first time in the mid-2000s, after an inspiration of how Argentinians call matches between rivals, like “El Superclásico” played by Boca Juniors against River Plate.

Like the most successful soccer teams, The Messi Store also has a classic: the Captain's Polo, available in white and black. The Captain's Polo is an obvious nod to Leo and his leadership on and off the field. The polo was designed with subtle details that symbolize confidence, leadership, and trust. For example, the captain's armband on the left sleeve truly makes this a Messi brand classic, completed with the M|10 on the right sleeve.


We're looking forward to watching Leo show his leadership on the pitch during Saturday's match. This game is important to begin with, and with Barcelona only 1 point behind first in La Liga, place, this match could truly be a game changer for the season.

Be a leader off the pitch this spring / summer: shop the Captain's Polo in White or Captain's Polo in Black now. 

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