GOOOOOAL: Leo Scores 1st Goal With PSG

Leo Messi has scored his first goal in PSG colors - and let us tell you: it was a beauty. It was the second goal in Tuesday's win over Manchester City during an important Champion's League match. A quick give and go with Kylian Mbappe, and the rest is history: this duo, along with Neymar, is going to be dangerous for Ligue Un and their Champion's League opponents. 

When big career moments like this happen for Leo, The Messi Store celebrates. Continue reading to learn about our new collection, why Leo chose the number 30 with his new squad, and yes, we talk about that position he took during Man City's free kick - for the good of the team. 

If you're like us, you're still getting used to seeing Messi in the #30 jersey. He wore the #10 jersey at Barcelona for YEARS, after all. But - did you know that he wasn't always #10 at his first European club? 

Actually, Leo wore the number 30 jersey at Barcelona when he first joined the senior team as a young Leo in the 2004-2005 season. He then went on to wear the number 19 jersey in the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 seasons, while Ronaldinho wore the number 10 jersey. He eventually was given the number 10 jersey - and that's the number that he wore as Leo became the legend that he is. 

Choosing the number 10 wasn't an option at PSG (his good buddy Neymar had already claimed it). Instead, Leo went back to his roots and chose the number 30, just as he did when he began at Barcelona. You could say the number 30 symbolizes new beginnings and new challenges for Leo. He's already experienced a couple of "firsts" wearing the jersey: 1) He scored his first Ligue Un goal 2) Leo took the "crocodile" position during a Man City free kick! (This is the first time EVER Leo did the crocodile defending from a free kick, showing his level of commitment to the team and aspirations to win).

But a number is just a number - the core of who MESSI himself is will never change: a new era of excellence and precision is about to happen as Leo sports the number 30 proudly on his back. 

The Messi Store has launched the 30 Messi Silhouette Collection to celebrate this new, exciting era. Yesterday we saw for the first time Leo's iconic post-goal celebration pointing to the sky in his new jersey. We can't wait to see it happen many, many more times to come. 


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