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Le Classique: What It Is + What To Wear

In today’s blog, we will talk in full depth about the best way one can dress for the biggest Ligue 1 match of the season between PSG and OM. 

PSG and OM are facing each other on Sunday for Ligue 1’s Le Classique that will take place at Velodrome Stadium in Marseille. Two of the biggest clubs in France are set to continue the rivalry they’ve built over the last few years. But this derby wasn’t what it is today almost a decade ago. Paris Saint-Germain has always been one of the most famous clubs in the country but they weren’t really competitive until Qatar appeared during the takeover. Before that, they only had a couple of historic players like Rai, George Weah, or Ronaldinho play for them with relative success. Before Nasser Al-Khelaifi arrived at the club with all those plans to reinvent the team, there were two clubs that dominated Ligue 1. One of them is Olympique Lyonnais, the other one is Olympique Marseille. If you ask any French football fan, they will tell you these two clubs have more history than PSG ever did. This is one of the main reasons Qatar decided to buy players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and now Leo Messi. All these names are responsible for what will happen in the future at this club. The little history they currently have is mostly thanks to what these players have done over the last ten years. 

What should the average fan wear for Le Classique? 

What has remained though, are the colors. PSG managed to keep their identity over the years despite the new ownership. Those traditional blue and red colors are the flagship of Paris Saint-Germain’s branding that will never go away. For Messi, making the switch from FC Barcelona to PSG hasn’t been that difficult in this specific case. He already knows how to rock that color scheme, which is making his adaptation a little bit easier. For today's Le Classique, Messi will find various similarities from the Spanish El Clasico. For starters, Olympique Marseille wear white as their primary color, just like Real Madrid does in Spain. PSG had a not-so-successful past but recent years have been better for them in terms of trophies, just like FC Barcelona. Paris Saint-Germain supporters will visit the Velodrome with the usual scarfs and jerseys that represent the club’s colors. But they can also wear a large variety of apparel such as hoodies, long sleeve shirts, polos, and all types of hats that also have the club’s color scheme. Whereas Olympique Marseille supporters are wearing the white on baby blue colors that represent their institution. The Messi Store already has apparel with many of those combinations that you can shop online right now ahead of this match. Messi will most likely start given that he is finally recovered from a previous injury he suffered. Alongside him, we will likely see Neymar and Mbappe as well. 

Cheer on Leo with his new team in some of our items that are also his new team's colors. From graphic hoodies and t-shirts, to premium long sleeve & more, The Messi Store has the ideal clothes for on and off the pitch. Take a look at all the options for your consideration down below. Remember you can always shop the best Messi clothing at The Messi Store. 


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