On & Off the Field: The Messi and Neymar Reunion We Can't Wait For

On Tuesday, February 16th, Neymar and Messi will meet on the soccer field once again. But this time, they'll be on opposite ends of the pitch, as FC Barcelona faces off with Paris Saint-Germain FC in round 16 of the Champion's League. 

They may be on different teams now, but their love and respect for each other remains the same on and off the field. 
Let's walk down memory lane and revisit how Messi and Neymar's friendship began ahead of next Tuesday's match:

In the summer of 2013, Neymar Jr. joined FC Barcelona. Little did he know that he would become really close with the legendary Leo Messi, a player that he had admired for years.

By the end of that year, the Brazilian was very welcomed by his new team. He quickly became part of the powerful trio that scared every other soccer team in the world: Messi, Suárez, and Neymar - popularly known as MSN. This was the beginning of not just a goal-scoring machine team, but also a beautiful friendship between Neymar Jr. and our favorite player.   

Since the moment Leo and Neymar Jr. met, they both have spoken incredibly highly about each other and about how much they enjoyed playing together. Not only has Neymar  discussed his admiration for La Pulga, but he's also talked about how much Leo has helped and supported him, specifically during his time at Barcelona:

"In the moment I needed his support the most, the man of the team, the best in the world came to me, took my hand and told me ‘come here, you have to be yourself, you have to be happy, you have to be the same lad you were at Santos, don’t be timid, don’t be afraid of me or anyone, I am here to help you' ”, Neymar once told the Brazilian channel TV Globo.  How beautiful is that?

Now that they aren’t part of the same team anymore, these two amazing players are excited to be reunited on the same pitch again: even if they won’t play side by side. It's safe to say that we are as excited as they are after the draw for the Champions League round 16...we get to witness two of the best players in the world on the same field again! 🤩

“Nos vemos em breve meu amigo”, tweeted Neymar Jr. along with some emojis, after the big news came out. It means "See you soon my friend" in English. This reminds us that friendship is more important than winning, and that Neymar's admiration for Messi won’t ever get old!  And we are sure that Leo shares the same sentiments.  

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