Valentine's Day Special: 20-25% off Messi Studio items

Love is in the air…and so is the opportunity to get our most creative collection for up to 25% off!

Dinner, candles, wine and flowers are obvious, but did you think about getting another kind of present this time for your Valentine? Here at The Messi Store, we have plenty of options to help you make the perfect gift. If your Valentine is a Messi lover, then our Messi Studio collection is a no brainer. If you're your own Valentine, then even better - treat yourself to some of Leo's Favs. These pieces were designed in collaboration with Leo and his sister Maria Sol, with help from Creative Director Ginny Hilfiger. The best part? Everything in the collection is up to 25% off right now. 

In the Messi Studio capsule, you will find pieces made out of experimental designs and creative techniques. What does that mean exactly? These aren't ordinary t-shirts or sweatshirts:

  • The lion on the Reflective Lion Head T-Shirt is made with a raised, textured graphic that makes it look super bold with its reflective quality. Both the neon and black ombre are incredible options. 
  • The Lion Foil Crest T-Shirt is the most premium version of our Lion Crest graphic tees. With its unique crest foil in gold and copper, it is clear that you'll stand out from the crowd and be your best when you wear this shirt. Available in black and white.
  • Double skull, double crown, double texture all in one t-shirt. Leo Messi wears the Double Skull Crown T-shirt in one of The Messi Store's recent Instagram posts - it's one of his favorite designs. Be sure to click on the close-up image of the skull/crown design: you can see the quality embroidery put into the crown and reflective stencil designed into the skull. This is what the Messi brand is all about: quality and precision in every stitch. 
  • Last but certainly not least, the only crewneck sweatshirt in our Messi Studio Leo's Favs capsule: the Printed Skull Dip Dye Sweatshirt is made with a very precise dying technique. The raised rib skull gives the piece an extra dose of quality - be sure to zoom in on the close up image to get a sense of what you can expect. 

These pieces will elevate any outfit and make heads turn. These items are never on sale - so we're telling you: this is your moment to surprise your partner (our yourself) with one or two or three of these!

The Messi Studio - Leo's Favs capsule are perfect to wear with a pair of jeans under a Messi Signature Stripped Hooded Jacket or the Mixed Media Funnel Jacket - both brand new outwear additions to the Messi Collection.

Want more options for a Valentine's Day deal? We got you. But you're going to have to download the app. If you already have the app/are literally reading this on the app - you're in the right place 😉

Beginning Saturday February 6th, there will be an additional 10% off for the app users only, on all RED items in our Messi Collection, like the Bonded Pocket Long Sleeve Crew, the Mixed Media Funnel Jacket and the Cut & Sew Long Sleeve Crew, plus the Red Signature Cuff Track Jacket that is absolutely fire!!! Really stylish pieces for a really important person! What are you waiting for - download the app and unlock this exclusive discount!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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