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Football star Leo Messi shared a home video with his kids on the Twitter account of OTRO, creators of content that brings the most prominent personalities in the sport closer to their fans by showing them in their daily lives. All their channels are available in eight languages.

As sports activities gradually recover, Leo continues to be safe in his home and takes advantage of his time to entertain himself with his wife and kids. In the last few hours, the player has shared a cute video in which we see him doing different recreational activities. What are they playing?

In the first scenes, we see the family reunited playing the classic card game known as UNO. Leo, without losing his customs, is accompanied by his thermos of mate, the traditional Argentine drink. The parents exchange fun feedback with one of their kids, Mateo, by teaching him the basic rules of the game. To win, players must match the cards thrown into the deck, according to the colors or numbers, until they run out of any of them. Despite these instructions, Mateo prefers to call colors like animals. He can be heard re-baptizing the color green as hippopotamus.

Beyond board games, Leo Messi and his family leave behind their more competitive side and also have fun in their backyard garden. The older children can be seen jumping enthusiastically on a trampoline with their father. However, Leo doesn't miss the opportunity to have fun like another child while his children watch them admiring their big jumps.

Inside the house, his 3 boys spend their time playing soccer with the best coach of all. The video also shows the older boy performing stunts in the room - he seems to have inherited his father's physical abilities! Very confidently, he jumps over his mother who is bending over to support him. Luckily, he has a pad on the other side to soften his fall. Meanwhile, Leo films him happily.

Lionel Messi's three children and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, have become popular figures on social networks. This is thanks to the videos the football player posts about the intimacy of his family life during confinement. Despite the adversities, the family follows the recommendations to stay at home. The Argentinean star commented, "It’s time to be responsible and stay at home, plus it's perfect to enjoy that time with your loved ones that you can't always have". Follow his advice and stay home. In this game, we are all playing for the same team.

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