Rainforest Edition

Discover our latest additions to the eco-friendly Messi Green Line. We've dedicated this specially curated collection to bring awareness to saving our planets beautiful rainforests.

All items are made from 100% deadstock cotton repurposed to create instead of being left as waste.  

Why Waste When You Can Create?

Our Mission

🌴The Messi Green collection promotes the reuse of waste by re-designing deadstock, assuming that waste is a design error and promoting the circular economy, in which, like nature, nothing is left, everything is reused.

This collection is responsibly made in Portugal using deadstock of 100% cotton, creating value for the waste generated along the production chain, reducing or eliminating waste and increasing the life cycle of the products.

Generate value by re-design.

Feel Good in Green.

Details You Can Feel.

World reknowned designer Ginny Hilfiger presents this amalgamate of her passion for fashion design and perserving nature with the Messi Green Line

This is the second iteration of our zero waste initiative. All materials are sourced responsibly from "left over" deadstock cotton that would typically be thrown away, never to be used.

Our goal is to change that. We say, "give us the leftovers and let us create." This way we promote a circular economy where we reduce waste and disrupt the fast fashion cycle. 

Join the movement. Feel Good in GREEN. 

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1. Maintaining global climate by stabilizing weather systems.
2. Sustaining most major ecological food chains as one of the worlds largest factories converting sunlight into energy.
3. Housing the world's largest genetic library of bio diversity that offers potential cures to diseases.
4. Serving as a global producer of oxygen and exchange of other gases that keep our atmosphere healthy.
5. Creating an important carbon sink by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in vegetation and soils.
6. Preserving a historical legacy, especially as the original source of many foods.
7. Providing a source of building materials including wood, thatch and fibers.
8. Forming the basis of cultural and spiritual values that are integral to many cultures.
9. Controlling erosion via treeroots that absorb rainfall and stabilize soil.
10. Offering developing countries a sustainable economy through activities such as ecotourism

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