The Messi Cup: Knockout Round 2

Introducing our second match up between EXTREMELY limited edition Messi Cup special graphic t-shirts. Want one of the t-shirts above? You better vote which should stay.


1. The Messi Cup: Round 2 is design match between Round 1's winner - The Tribute vs a new contender, Destiny
2. Only one shirt design will survive: the design that sells the most until Argentina's second match (11/26) will move on to the next round. The losing design will be gone from the store forever (just like The King). 
3. The winning design (TBD) will face a new opposing design until Argentina's third match (11/30). On match day, a new winner will be named and will face a new opposing design!
  • Do not lose out on your favorite design! Vote for your favorite by purchasing when you see it is available.
  • If a design loses, it will be taken down from the store forever.
  • DO NOT MISS OUT ON YOUR FAVORITE STYLES! Purchase while you can to vote - otherwise, they may be gone for good.
TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE:11/8 - 11/22: The King vs The Tribute11/22 - 11/26: The Tribute vs Destiny11/26 - 11/30: TBD vs The Arena11/30: TBD vs The Master

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