The Messi Cup: Knockout Round 3

Introducing our second match up between EXTREMELY limited edition Messi Cup special graphic t-shirts. Want one of the t-shirts above? You better vote which should stay.


1. The Messi Cup: Round 3 is design match between Round 2's winner - Destiny vs a new contender, The Arena.
2. Only one shirt design will survive: the design that sells the most until Argentina's next match will move on to the next round. The losing design will be gone from the store forever (just like The King and The Tribute). 
  • Do not lose out on your favorite design! Vote for your favorite by purchasing when you see it is available.
  • If a design loses, it will be taken down from the store forever.
  • DO NOT MISS OUT ON YOUR FAVORITE STYLES! Purchase while you can to vote - otherwise, they may be gone for good.

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